Welcome to FACET Innovations!

Diagnoser.com and FACETInnovations.com have unfortunately had a major underlying cyberattack designed to infect and hijack our servers' resources. This has necessitated us taking the system down since we could not reliably keep it up for any reasonable amount of time until the underlying issues are fully identified and addressed. We are working on the problem but unfortunately we do not yet have an idea of when we will be able to get things back online with our limited resources. We appreciate your support, understanding, and patience. Meanwhile, please keep building on students' understanding and learning!

The Diagnoser Team at FACET Innovations

FACET Innovations, LLC is a research and development company which builds and delivers products and services that assist educators and developers in attending to preconceptions and to deep learning. Present and previous projects involve the following: constructing web-delivered diagnostic assessment questions and lessons to address problematic diagnoses; conducting professional development and research on professional development on effective use of diagnostic assessment tools; constructing professional development modules focusing on disciplinary literacy in science for district personnel to use in coaching their science teachers; evaluating programs that are attempting to foster more effective learning environments and deeper learning.